About Adamar González, MD

Primary Care, Internal Medicine, & Immediate Care in Orlando, FL

Adamar González, MD, is a primary care and internal medicine physician in Orlando, Florida. As the founder and medical director of Dr. G Family Medical and Wellness Center, Dr. González, also known as Dr. G, aims to provide comprehensive health services that boost your physical, spiritual, and emotional health. She is passionate about healing the body in more natural ways and takes a holistic approach to care, which focuses on all aspects of well-being. 

Dr. G was born and raised in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. From a very young age, she has valued hard work and strived to improve the lives of others around her. She earned her doctorate in medicine from Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara in Zapopan, Mexico. During her studies, she participated in several research projects for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Harvard University. 

Over the course of her career, Dr. G has developed her skills in a variety of fields and utilizes her ability to create integrative plans for the most health benefits. She practices only with the highest level of respect toward her patients and works closely with them to address their needs.. 

In addition to her services as a physician, Dr. G is committed to spreading more awareness on health and nutrition. She enjoys writing medical articles for different media outlets, sharing her expertise on wellness topics, and continues to be a leader in the medical field. Dr. G has been invited to national conferences around Florida and granted several awards by the Orlando community. 

Dr. G has been recognized not only as a valued resource for her patients but honored as a “Hispanic Heritage Month Unsung Heroes” for her dedication to the COVID-19 efforts. She uses her compassion, commitment, and skill to serve others with the utmost care.